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Nia Markos

Elements(Book 1 of the Crystal Series)

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Elements by Nia Markos:

" This book has all the elements of a great read for young adults and adults alike. With its combination of supernatural elements, a complicated love triangle, danger, and intrigue, it was very difficult to put down. The characters were well crafted, the plot strong and I really can't wait to find out what happens next in book 2 of the series. " — Christine Rees  
5 Stars
Elements (The Crystal Series, #1) by Nia Markos (Goodreads Author) Elements by Nia Markos it was amazing

" Thoroughly entertaining read. The characters are realistic, interesting and come to life. The story manages to successfully merge reality with fantasy. Loved it. " — Dominic Amato Elements (The Crystal Series, #1) by Nia Markos (Goodreads Author) Elements by Nia Markos really liked it  
5 Stars

" An extremely engaging book about magic, strange worlds, incredible powers and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the fantastic characters, and can't wait to read the next book in the series!" — Jacqueline Snider  
4 Stars
Elements (The Crystal Series, #1) by Nia Markos (Goodreads Author)

"Young Adult Fantasy Thrill Ride of Fun!

With its weaving of supernatural elements and fantasy, Nia Markos's "Elements" takes readers on a thrill ride into magic, witchcraft, a mysterious new world, intrigue, and young adult romance. The pacing throughout Markos's first installment of her Crystal Series sets the tone for books to follow and allows readers to dive headfirst into a new world of danger that doesn't let up.

The book follows Alexa as she is thrust into a world beyond her normal life and all that it entails. We are also introduced to Aidan, a powerful supernatural being that has an almost unreal connection to Alexa and all she stands to gain and lose throughout the book. Reading through we are also introduced to a cast of supporting characters, all with their own backstories and more than one with some shadowy influence as to their overall intentions for both Alexa and Aidan, not to mention our world.

Markos's first installment is a thrilling young adult novel that should do well for lovers of fantasy, magic, secret worlds, and a love triangle that would rock the cosmos. Her characters, for the most part, are well written and are ones you can clearly see getting behind and rooting for, however, there are many supporting characters within the novel that tends to lead to some confusion when they are in a larger setting/gathering. The novel also has the reader enter the minds of Alexa and Aidan on a rotating chapter basis, which generally was easy to follow, but sometimes felt cut short as I wanted to stay in one character's mind a little longer to dig deeper into their personal experiences, but it made sense for the flow of the book and once I got past it, it worked.

"Elements" is a fine read and a wonderful addition to the young adult fantasy genre and one that could easily be made into a blockbuster movie as the detail and setting supplied by Markos would do well to gather audiences. A good read with some minor flaws, I enjoyed it overall and am interested to see where Alexa and the other characters end up as Markos clearly set up a rising hill to a grand climatic finish with additional installments."
  — Kester Finley  
4 Stars
Elements (The Crystal Series, #1) by Nia Markos (Goodreads Author)

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A great read for Young Adults and Adults alike.
By Amazon Customer on July 13, 2017
Format: Paperback
"With its combination of the supernatural, a hero who doesn't know her own powers, a complicated love triangle and some danger, intrigue and betrayal, this book was difficult to put down. I enjoyed all the well-crafted characters and can't wait to read the next one in the series."   
5 Stars

"What a great story. The story was great from the very beginning. A young woman, whose life was a series of moves and disconnection, leaves her controlling mother to attend college. Her life is sent into turmoil when her apartment is destroyed in an unexplained explosion. Her roommate convinces her to leave school and go with her to an unknown location, for her own protection. It is here that Alexa discovers she is not any ordinary college student. Though her questions are not quickly or easily answered she follows the instructions of those in the safe house. Her new friends swear to protect her from the people attempting to take her life, to stop her from fulfilling her purpose. She starts on an adventure to save humanity and discover her true identity.

This was an excellent read, I finished it in about 2 days, which for me is great. The book does end with no resolution, only questions but I do not fault the author in her tactic. If you enjoy the book, you will read the others. If not, it was still a good story. If you enjoy fantasy, magic, mythology, and mystical creatures, Elements is for you."
- Frank David 
 5 Stars