Nia Markos​

Author of Young Adult/New Adult Urban Paranormal Fantasy


Book Three of The Crystal Series

The Complete Crystal Series

Sudden Shock

The Elleanor Stone Collection


Book Two of The Crystal Series

From New York to Florence, Elleanor follows the clues to solve the young woman's murder. The arrival of a past love, one she long thought dead, will have profound consequences, both to the case and to her personally.

What would you do if you suddenly discovered that nothing about life was as you thought it was and all your choices seem to have been made for you centuries before you were born?

In the final installment of The Crystal Series, as our heroes band together, the final stage is set. Will the prophecy be fulfilled or will they face destruction?

In the second installment of The Crystal Series, Alexa is determined to continue on the search for the Kaemorra, the crystal which the prophecy foretold will save the world, alone. 

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Book One of The Crystal Series