Author of Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy

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​Goodreads reviews: An extremely engaging book about magic, strange worlds, incredible powers and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the fantastic characters, and can't wait to read the next book in the series!

​​ Elements

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Cover design by: Cynthia Amato
Model: BestPhotoStudio (101868868)/
Editor: Jacqueline Snider

Book 1 of The Crystal Series        10 March 2017

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Alexa is discovering that her whole life has been a lie. As her nineteenth birthday approaches, her true identity is revealed. The incredible world of witchcraft and Otherworlds come to light. Pulled into a prophecy centuries old, her existence takes a turn for the surreal. As well as having to save all worlds, the choice of who to love is presumably not hers.
Unknowingly drawn into a union with Aidan, the prince of Eruva, Alexa cannot help but be attracted to his younger, carefree brother Liam.
With her destiny set centuries ago, can she save the worlds by forging her own path, or is she fighting the inevitable in love and destruction.